Rising Star Focus : Sean Dean

Rising Star Focus : Sean Dean

A short review about Sean Dean posted on hotrops.com 


SeanDean – Model Chick (Cover of Nicki Manaj)

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SeanDean – Model Chick (Cover of Nicki Manaj)

SeanDean cover of the song by Nicki Manaj called Va Va Voom :

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Performing at Lockside lounge on 13th March at 8pm

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SeanDean will be performing for a second time at the popular hip hop venue called Lockside Lounge in Camden on the 13th March. He will be performing between the hours of 8pm to 8.30pm but get there at 8pm just to be safe. If you are a fan or interested in hearing him perform or watching a number of live performances or get involved in the freestyle cypher then you should attend. For more details check out the link below:


75-89 West Yard Camden Locke place, Camden Town, Greater London NW1 8AF

Poor Underground Service For SeanDean


Being an underground artist can be both a testing and un rewarding process. In fact the enthusiasm shown by artists to frequently push out fresh material is questionable when they often receive very little reward for their efforts. Thats how it appears to those who are not passionate about music. Regardless of the politics SeanDean does not  go a day without making an effort to write  or record a song.

So to kick start the new year he dropped a new song under the category ‘Fresh juice’ on soundcloud, yesterday. called  SeanDean – Im Just Dreaming. A song which personifies hip hop and delivers the idea that his pursuit of musical success could all just be a dream. Unfortunately the song has received very little play , in the space of 24 hours, literally crawling to 22 plays with 2 likes and comments. This by far is the lowest number of plays we have seen on his soundcloud. Understandably the artist is questioning his fall in popularity and is on the verge of beating himself senseless but we have restrained and kocked him out with a tranquilizer.


However the question does remain , why has the number of views dropped so dramatically (from around 70 to 22 in 24 hours)? Is the new layout of soundcloud reducing the numbers visiting his music? or was the unfollowing of roughly 400 tweeters by SeanDean a big mistake? Nonetheless one thing remains positive ; he is always making music and has a few live performances scheduled in the coming weeks. He has just received confirmation for a performance on 13th March in Camden , Lockeside Lounge a well known hip hop venue and awaiting a responses from a number of other venues including Vibe Bar in East London.

These are the exact kind of efforts we want to see from an artist trying to establish himself as a music icon. A few blogging sites have also agreed to post SeanDean’s latest music and videos , but the process is still in motion. So it is far from “Doom and Gloom” for the rapper who is quickly learning that when things dont go you way,  you need to adapt and utilise the channels available to assist in building a fan base.

A quick mention of the newly released song:  SeanDean – Im Just Dreaming seems necessary at this point; a song personifying hip hop as a woman emphasised by the words “will you say my name? will you say my name? when we make love will you say my name?”. The song itself is a cover of the song called ‘Wordless’ by Morning Jacket which was used in an episode of ‘American Dad’ and covered by Mac Miller.  Ironically this is one of SeanDeans most romantic songs and at certain points when listening to the song you forget that he is speaking to a woman who does not actually exist.


Check out his latest song and see what you think (the link is pasted below) :

Seandean – Im Just Dreaming

Sean Dean – London Town

In an effort to recapture his childhood walks down Roman road Market with his mother, Sean Dean wrote the song London Town. Inspired by the cockney culture of East London alongside the sale of fruit & veg in the busy market place. An anthem for the city of London Town. Produced by talented producer and friend kbeeoriginal.com